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I understand actors, they act, that’s straightforward
but my hackles are raised when cis men are awarded
for performing my truth as a fiction they’ve authored
leaving people who’ve literally lived that plot ignored.

I clearly remember my fear at seventeen,
that the world was a stage, my life a comic routine,
that I couldn’t control on what terms I was seen,
that queer boys and girls don’t deserve to have dreams.

And the Academy awards a young man in drag
who spent six months rehearsing holding a hand bag;
so I’m caricatured purely as my misfiring glands.
"She acts like a woman, but look at her hands"

So Leto’s praised on behalf of us “beautiful creatures”,
and my gender is judged purely based on my features.
'Woman 0.5'™, just add fake boobs and tweezers
He smiles, they cheer, I’m just sitting here speechless.

There’s this born-as-a-boy narrative I’ve outran
but it keeps coming back to cloud my whole lifespan.
I don’t care if ‘in the wrong body’ is convenient slang,
no, this body is mine and I am no man.

Sarandon and Leto, Davidson, Swank and Pace
"so what if they’re cis if they’ve got the ‘right face’".
Ignoring each transgender actor who’s displaced.
Facsimile can only ever erase.

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